Friday, August 5, 2011

White Chili with Hot Dog Crescent Rolls

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This white chili dish was not my own creation. I cannot claim the genius behind this dish. Actually, this chili comes from one of my favorite food bloggers: The Pioneer

This white chili from The Pioneer Woman was incredibly tasty and incredibly filling. I really enjoyed the consistency of it, the ease in making it, and the flavors that exploded on my tongue.

I also made these hot dog crescent roll things, which I'm not going to share the recipe for... just wrap hot dogs in crescent rolls and bake, if you want to replicate them. My actual intention for the night was to make corn muffins with hot dog chunks in the middle. But unfortunately, when I opened my corn flour there were bugs all up in there. I've never had bugs in my food before, so I was less than pleased (luckily I had a tiny bit in another container for what was needed in the chili that didn't have the added protein.) I then opted to use a boxed mix for corn muffins that I so conveniently had in my pantry. But.. those little weevils made it into the factory sealed mix also. So I threw it all away, sat there confused for a minute on what else to cook, and then remembered I've had some crescent rolls in my refrigerator for awhile. I wrapped them around the hot dogs I had chopped up, baked them for about 12 minutes, and then served them with the chili. It was definitely a nice side.

Now, with that being said I'm not sharing Ms. Drummond's recipe. But if you want it, click that link above. I will however share my calorie calculation for the dish.

Chili Breakdown
CALORIES: 206 calories
CHOLESTEROL: 50 milligrams
FAT: 7 grams

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