Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cottage Cheese Fruit Bowl

I was doing breakfast really well until the summer started. Once it hit summer, I had to wake up a lot earlier than I was having to during the school year in order to get to work on time. When school was in session I had a smoothie or oatmeal every single day. Since the summer has started I force down either a bowl of cereal or a Carnation instant breakfast drink. Neither of these choices are substantial and both have far too much sugar in them then any reasonable human needs at 6:30 in the morning.

One of my MFP friends asked me to make something for breakfast when I asked for requests of what people wanted to see. I decided to make this.

I never have liked cottage cheese. Actually, just scooping it out made me feel sick. The smell.. blah. The texture.. blah. And really, the taste doesn't help the scenario. The good thing about this breakfast is the cheese is blended with honey. Because of that, it kills all of the issues I have with cottage cheese. It killed the smell issues, the texture issues, and the taste issues. Therefore, this is good.

Of course I normally don't eat my breakfasts out of wine glasses, but basically I was just ready for my close up.

Cottage Cheese Fruit Bowl

1/2 cup non-fat cottage cheese
1/2 tbsp honey
1/4 nectarine, chunked
1/4 mango, chunked
1/4 banana, chunked
2 tbsp Honey Bunches of Oats cereal (or other cereal or granola)

1. In a blender combine the cottage cheese and honey. Blend until smooth.

2. Pour the cottage cheese into a dish. Top with cereal and then layer with fruit.

* serves 1

CALORIES: 202 calories
CHOLESTEROL: 5 milligrams
FAT: 1 grams
SODIUM: 445 milligrams

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